Android Q Beta is now available on all Pixel phones

3/14/2019, 2:04:49 PM

Android Q beta

We are getting used to all those frequent iOS upgrades iPhone users are enjoying that is getting a bit frustrating that the Android ones are not that frequent, especially for the Google Pixel phones. Well, we have some good news for everyone that would like to upgrade their Android phone with a brand new software.

Google has announced on March 13th that all of their Pixel phones will be eligible to run the beta release of Android Q. It’s still not clear if the Google phones will get the final consumer version of Q but it seems like things are headed in that direction.

According to previous statements from the company, Android 9 Pie was supposed to be the final software release for the first-generation Pixels, but with this new announcement Google practically extended the software lifespan than what was originally promised.

How can you install Android Q Beta?

The easiest way to get the developer preview is to enroll in the Android Beta Program, sign into the account associated with that phone and opt-in, which will then prompt Google to send your phone an over-the-air update.

If you change your mind you can easily opt out and downgrade to Android 9 Pie.

What to expect next?

Google is supposed to launch a detailed demo and present much more new features of the Q at their annual developer’s conference on May 7th. The official launch for Android Q is most likely to happen this fall, along with unveiling of some new Pixel phones, assuming Google sticks to the same practices from the last few years.

You can read all about the Android Q Beta and it’s features in the official Android Developer Blog.

In Sweden you can’t buy the Pixel phones with any of the mobile operators, but they are available through multiple resellers with prices ranging from around 8,000 to 16,600 kr depending on the model.

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