Best offers in Sweden for iPhone XR with mobile plans

3/13/2019, 8:12:43 AM

iPhone XR Coral

iPhone XR Coral

There are a lot of iPhones out there and with each series they are getting more and more expensive. Once Apple released the iPhone X, suddenly a 1000-euro phone became a thing. But there is some relief with the iPhone XR because Apple took a lot of things that made its more expensive XS and XS Max special and packed them into a newly designed body for a more affordable price.

If you are thinking to treat yourself with the new iPhone, here is something that might help with the decision where to buy it:


With Comviq, you can only get the iPhone XR with a subscription of 10 and 40 GB, and 24 months binding time. You can choose between 64GB, 128GB and 256GB of memory size as well as all of the 6 colors. The prices start from 515 kr per month for the smallest memory size phone and subscription of 10GB mobile data and go up to 690 kr per month for the 256GB phone and 40GB data allowance.

The delivery time on all of the models is 2-3 days and currently they have all the colors and sizes in stock.


With Halebop you get a lot more freedom when choosing your ideal subscription package with a phone. Besides selecting how much data you want to use each month you can also decide how much binding time you want in your contract and even how much you wish to pay on monthly basis (this will of course mean having to pay some upfront costs). Prices can go from 489 kr per month (24 months) for the 2GB subscription with the 64GB phone all the way to 749 kr per month (24 months) for the 30GB subscription with the 256GB phone.

However, their selection of colors is more limited and the number of phones in stock for some models is quite low.


From all of the Swedish operator, Hallon is the most limited one regarding the iPhone XR offer. Customers can only get the white 64GB model since the other colors and sizes are currently out of stock, but they can choose between 4GB, 8GB, 25GB and 100GB subscriptions which will cost 495kr, 545kr, 645 and 745 kr per month respectively.


Tele2 customers can choose among all of the 3 model sizes and all the possible colors, as well as payment method, data allowance and binding time. The cheapest bundle would be 594 kr for the 3GB monthly subscriptions with the 64GB phone for 24 months. For existing customers that already have a subscription and do not want to change it, they have an option to buy it with monthly payments of 6, 12 and 24 months or pay it instantly.


With Telenor the options to choose between colors, memory sizes, data allowance in your subscription are quite diverse. Prices can go from 599 kr per month for the 3GB subscriptions together with 64GB model all the way up to 1029 kr per month for the unlimited subscription with the 256GB model.

For extra cost you can add more individuals to share the surf in the subscription with Telenor Family or a Trygg 48 Insurance which is free for the first two months and then will cost 119 kr on a monthly basis

They have all of the phone on stock and delivery time usually takes 1-2 days.


With Telia you can choose if you want to buy your new iPhone XR with subscription or just the phone. Depending on the model just the phone will cost you from 9495 kr to 11395 kr depending on the model. If you want to get it with subscription the cheapest option will be 520 kr per month for 24 months with 200 MB of data allowance.

Currently Telia has a promotion where you submit your old cellphone and get a discount on the new one.

All of the XR model are available and ready for shipping in 1-2 days.


At Tre you are able to choose only between the 64GB and 256GB phones. They each come with a subscription and if you go with the smallest one of 5GB expect to pay 499 kr per month for the 64GB model. The cheapest option for the 256GB model is 599 kr per month. Tre is currently offering a sweet deal where you are getting Major III Bluetooth wireless headphones from Marshall for every bundle of phone with a subscription bigger than 25GB.

In conclusion if you are only interested in purchasing the iPhone XR without any subscription options and with a one-time payment you can do it through Tele2, Telia and Tre. The prices are as following:

If you opt for a phone + subscription there are many options from almost every major Swedish mobile operator that you can customize it according to your budget and preferences. The same goes if you want to buy just the phone without the subscription but pay it off every month.

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