Comviq’s mobile of the month-Huawei P30 Pro

6/17/2019, 10:30:00 AM

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

After all the intense international scrutiny that has lately involved the Chinese tech giant Huawei it remains unclear to Comviq’s customer why the operator is pushing the new P30 Pro so much even making it the mobile of the month June.

For whatever the reason is, if you are still interested in purchasing the new Huawei phone now is the time to do so. Even though retailers everywhere are dropping the prices on the P30 Pro if you want to get it with subscription, Comviq might be the right choice: For monthly subscription of 10GB you will pay 375 kr and for 40GB- 475 kr. All of Comviq’s subscription come with unlimited calls, sms and mms and an option to save all of your unused surf up to 80GB. This offer is valid only for the 24 months binding contracts.

The delivery time is 2-3 business days and the phone is available in all of Huawei signature colors for this model.

Are you interested in this offer? Check for more info here.

What’s the deal with Huawei and their phones?

Over the last few months Huawei has been the subject of heavy scrutiny with several countries accusing them on spying on foreign companies and stealing trade secrets.

But the most damaging backlash Huawei has experienced was from president Trumps executive order which said US companies are restricted from doing any business with them. And that’s led to a domino effect of companies cutting ties with Huawei in many different ways. Google is no longer allowing Android to run on new Huawei devices, Intel, Qualcomm and ARM aren’t letting Huawei use their chips, and the SD Association isn’t letting Huawei put micro SD slots in any of their future products. And this isn’t even considering all of the miscellaneous components Huawei sources from US companies that they will no longer have access to.

And if you are wondering how in the world Huawei is going to respond to all of these restrictions, sources reveal some clues as to what they might be planning.

When it comes to the software, Huawei has actually been working on their own mobile operating system, complete with an app store, for quite some time in order to reduce their dependence on Google. But they are likely facing unexpected pressure to finish the OS much earlier than originally planned, and if the previous efforts from Window phones have thought us anything is that establishing an alternative to iOS and Android is a huge challenge, especially when considering Huawei won’t be able to include apps from US developers on their platform. When it comes to hardware things don’t get any easier since Huawei sources a large portion of their components from US suppliers and without those parts the threat of manufacturing slowdowns appears imminent unless Huawei can quickly find new suppliers. In the meantime, Huawei has stockpiled bout three months’ worth of US components while they figure out how to make a successful transition.

Now what does all mean for people who own a Huawei product?

You will continue to receive Android software updates for the next 90 days, but after that time your phone will stay the way it is forever, unless the ban is reversed at some point in the future. Now if Huawei does in fact release their own operating system you may be able to upgrade to it, or you may not, depending on the older hardware’s compatibility.

So, Huawei’s explosive rise in the smartphone market appears to have been stunted for the time being, but there’s no saying where the story will go from here. Huawei is worth billions of dollars and they’ll do anything to maintain their success in spite of this setback. And although US government agencies do have valid concerns about the company, we are hoping that Huawei will remain a serious player in the tech industry since heightened competition benefits all of us consumers by forcing the tech giants to create the best products they possibly can.

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