Samsung Galaxy S10 with mobile plan in Sweden

3/4/2019, 11:14:03 AM

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung's been making really great phones for the last few years, so if you already own an older Galaxy S flagship, you are probably considering upgrading to the new S10. Whether is with a subscription or not, here are all the Swedish operators that are offering the most talked about phone this year so far:


When it comes to the Galaxy S10 128GB, Comviq customers have 2 options: purchase it with a 24 months subscription in a bundle with 10GB for the price of 555 kr, or with a 40GB subscription for 655 kr on a monthly basis.The phone comes in black or white with a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. If you purchase the S10 before March 7th Comviq will give you free Galaxy Buds (with a retail value of 1590 kr).


Halebop has many different options when it comes to purchasing the Galaxy S10. Customers can choose between their 6 available subscription, binding time, upfront costs and even the monthly fee with prices starting from 519 kr and up. The delivery will start on March 8th and anyone that have placed a preorder before that will receive the wireless headset for free. Besides all this, Halebop offers up to 5000 kr discount if you bring your old mobile in.


With Tele2, customers have also freedom and flexibility with payments. Choosing the bind time and subscription options according to your budget has never been easier with prices starting from 615 kr with no upfront costs. If you already have a subscription with Tele2 and you are happy with it, you can get the phone as an existing customer with prices starting from 416 kr monthly. There is also an option to pay for the phone upfront for 9990 kr.


In Telia the prices for the Galaxy S10 with a subscription are starting from 589 kr for a 24-month period + 250kr one-time fee. The one-time price for anyone that wants to buy the phone and not be obligated to pay for it every month is 9995 kr. Customers can also take an advantage of the ‘Change your old phone and get a discount’ initiative.


With the mobile operator Tre customers can choose between paying for the Galaxy S10 in one up front cost of 9995 kr or with a 24 months subscription including 10GB that will cost 519 kr as well as 50GB for 549 kr. The delivery date will be scheduled anywhere between 2-3 weeks after the preorder.


The prices of the Galaxy S10 bought from Telenor are starting from 629 kr per month for a 3GB subscription on a 24 month contract all the way up to 979 kr for the unlimited surfing. They also offer an option to add a person (or few people) in the same subscription starting from 169 kr additionally. Telenor customers are also getting the opportunity to exchange the phone if they are not satisfied in a period within 48 hours of delivery.

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