Samsung Galaxy Note 10: This is where you can buy it

8/23/2019, 7:00:36 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note10

Samsung Galaxy Note10

Samsung built the Galaxy Note brand on delivering the best big-screen phones around, but the best thing about the new Galaxy Note 10 is how delightfully small it is.

The 6.3-inch Note 10 is one of the most compact big-screen phones yet, thanks to its nearly bezel-free Infinity-O screen. The Note 10 also boasts several S-Pen enhancements (including gestures), a better camera for video recording, and an easier way to mirror the phone on a PC. Without wanting to get into a lot of technical details (we will leave that for another blog article), this is where you can get your new Note10 with subscription from your favorite Swedish operators after August 23rd:


Comviq customers can buy the Note10 with a bundle of 10GB subscription for the price of 525 kr per month, or with 40GB mobile subscription that will cost 625 kr for the next 24 months. The phone is available in Aura Black and Silver, and the delivery time might take 4 to 5 business days starting from August 23rd.

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With Halebop, customers have more options when it comes to customizing their monthly plan and costs. They can choose between different data bundles, binding time, upfront costs and even the monthly fee. Prices can go from 549 kr for the 2GB subscription all the way to 729 kr for the 30GB subscription. But Halebop has a special surprise: for every new 24- month contract they are giving away 50% extra surf for 1 year. If you are prepaid user and want to pay for the phone upfront, that will cost you 10795 kr.

Read more abou it here.


The prices for the Note10 when bought from Tele2 can vary depending on the binding period as well as the mobile data with your subscription. The cheapest choice will be 648 kr for the 3GB subscription all the way to 948 kr for the unlimited data subscription. If you want to pay for the Note10 in full, that will cost you 10790 kr. It’s also important to note that Tele2 is giving away 3 months of unlimited data with every subscriptionfor everyone that will sign a new 24-month contract.

For more info check the link here.


Telia also has few different options when it comes to subscription tariffs. If you choose the 0.2 GB contract together with the Note10 it will cost you 574 kr monthly for a period of 24 months plus a one-time fee of 299 kr. The unlimited data subscription will be 939 kr plus the one-time fee. If you are younger than 28 years, note that Telia will discount you 50 kr off your monthly bill.


The cheapest deal on the Note10 if you want to buy it from Telenor will cost you 659 kr per month for the 3GB subscription, while the unlimited will be 1009 kr. Good thing is that Telenor will give you a Samsung Wireless Power Bank for free (retail value of 599 kr) with every new contract that will include the Note10. You also have an option to get an Insurance Safe 48 absolutely free for 2 months.

Read all about it here.


The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is also available with subscription from Tre, with prices starting from 599 kr for the 5GB option, all the way to 849 kr for the unlimited one. You can also buy it with a one-time charge of 10795.

Check out the offer here.

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