The OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are coming soon. Here’s where you can order them

5/16/2019, 10:00:00 PM

OnePlus has announced two new phones coming at the same time – and while usually we'd expect the OnePlus 7 to be a major upgrade, it feels like a lesser phone thanks to the arrival of the OnePlus 7 Pro alongside it.

We can expect all of the 4 models coming in Sweden: the OnePlus 7 (128 GB / 6 GB RAM), the OnePlus 7 Pro (128 GB / 6 GB RAM), the OnePlus 7 Pro (256 GB / 8 GB RAM) and the OnePlus 7 Pro (256 GB / 12 GB RAM).

The OnePlus 7 is currently not being offered for sale with any of the Swedish operators, but people can still preorder it through Netonnet for the price of 6195 kr. It will be available for purchase in store starting from June 4th

The weakest model from Pro series the OnePlus Pro 128 GB / 6 GB RAM is also available only through resellers (such as Proshop) and will be accessible in stores starting from May 21st

In the meantime, interested consumers can preorder it online with prices starting from 7796 kr.

The OnePlus 7 Pro 256 GB / 8 GB RAM will be easily obtainable, because in addition to the well-known resellers (Proshop, Webhallen, Netonnet and Dustinhome with a price of 8395 kr) you can get this phone with some of the Swedish operators.

If you are Halebop’s customer or you are planning on becoming one, it’s good to know that you can get the before mentioned phone together with a subscription with a very special price. You can choose the amount of surf you want to have included in the bundle, the monthly costs as well as the binding time. The prices are starting from 439 kr per month with a binding period of 24 months. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of Halebop’s “Buy-Back” promotion and get an additional discount of up to 5000 kr.

Telenor’s prices are starting from 559 kr per month and include unlimited calls, sms and MMS as well as a surfing pot that can be modified by your budget. You can also choose to include more people in your surf and even get a free insurance Trygg 48 for 2 months. The delivery of the OnePlus 7 Pro will start on May 21st

If you decide to pre-purchase your new OnePlus 7 Pro with Telia you should keep in mind that you can get it with subscription or alone. For a 2GB surfing pot and unlimited calls and sms expect to pay 519 kr per month in the next 2 years. If you want to purchase just the phone without any binding times and monthly costs, they will charge you 8335 kr. The delivery will also start on May 21st and you can choose between the 3 signature colors of the phone.

The 7 Pro with the strongest performance (256 GB / 12 GB RAM) can be only purchased through authorized resellers (Proshop, Webhallen, Netonnet and Dustinhome) with a price of 9195 kr.

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